The Construction of Xiaotangshan Emergent Hospital

After 17 years, Beijing Xiaotangshan hospital which once specialized in treating SARS patients in Beijing was opened again in response to Covid-19. It is mainly used for screening patients, suspected cases and the treatment of mild and ordinary type of confirmed patients among overseas visitors back to Beijing.


On January 23, 2020, the Beijing municipal government made an emergency decision to start the renovation and construction of Xiaotangshan designated hospital, which was built on the same day with Wuhan Huoshenshan hospital. There are 1500 beds in the new building which can accommodate 720 people according to the isolation observation requirements of a single room. The confirmed mild and ordinary patients are transferred to the independent ward in the original ward B of the hospital, and the maximum number of patients can be capable is 144.
The size of the newly built ward is equivalent to that of a tertiary hospital. The house is a modular container house with facilities built according to formal engineering design. The new construction area of 8,088 square meters, including the installation of external elevators and other facilities, the project took less than 20 days.


After receiving the Beijing Xiaotangshan hospital ward with engineering construction task, Duowei quickly set up a project team to carry out all the work. If it is given, it must be done. Duowei’s team work closely with each other. Design team overnight detailing design. Marketing team went to the project site to carry out the docking of various construction tasks. Efficient production by the workshop to ensure materials on delivery timely. Construction team race with time, quality and quantity to complete the construction task. In that period Duowei high managemetn went to the site to guidance the work many times.
Duowei has accumulated vast experience in this kind of prefabricated hospital for domestic clients and overseas clients as well. For anyone who are interested on this project please contact