Refrigerator Panel Supply and Installation for Wanda Ice Rink in Guangzhou First in China:


Project location: Luoxian Village, Huacheng St., Huadu District, Guangzhou

Structure: Huge cement column + truss for space of big span + orthogonal steel

pipe truss roofConstruction area: 350,000m2(75,000m2 for the ice amusement)

Designer: Guangzhou Baoxian Huahan Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd.  RBS Architectural Engineering Design 

AssociatesApplication product: Indoor insulation system for ice rinks(27,000m2 of super-thick pure mineral wool highly insulated refrigerator sandwich panel, 32,000m2 of ceiling panel, 15,000m2 of combined foaming ceramic panel and 3000m2 of aluminum magnesium manganese punch acoustic panel) Project features: The Wanda Indoor Ice Rink of Guangzhou has 4 ski runs: Sleigh ride, intermediate ride, entry-level ride and beginner ride. Featuring a maximum ride elevation of 66m, maximum slope gradient of 21°and longest entry-level ride of 460m, it will be built as the largest and most advanced indoor ice rink in Asia.

Project achievement: First application of 240mm super-thick pure mineral wool highly insulated refrigerator sandwich panel, arc panel and irregular panel in indoor ice rink in China(China’s first application of A-level fireproof insulated indoor ice rink); first large area application of 450mm super-thick combined foaming ceramic panels in China; and large area application of aluminum magnesium manganese punch acoustic panel combination and PU field foaming technology. Holding the biggest temperature difference of ice rinks the globe over, this one in Guangzhou features an average temperature of 20℃ in winter and 40℃ in summer outdoors, and -3℃ — -5℃ indoors.


Stereoscopic Refrigerator for Jilin CP Food:


Project location: Huancheng Industrial Zone, Yushu, Jilin

Structure: Gate-like steel truss + reinforced frame

Construction area: 49,000m2

Constructor: Jilin CP Food Co., Ltd.

General contractor: Dalian Kaiser Construction Co., Ltd.

Designer: Dalian Kaiser Construction Design Co., Ltd.

Application: Fully stereoscopic refrigerator – highly insulated refrigerator panel 15000m2 Constant temperature refrigerator, low temperature refrigerator single panel color pre-coated panel and dual side stainless steel refrigerator panel 10,000m2

Project feature: As the world’s only hi-tech intelligent food processor that integrates butcher workshop, regulation workshop and cooked food workshop all in one, it’s equipped with the -25 fully stereoscopic refrigerator, constant temperature and -35 low temperature refrigerator. A number of arc panels and irregular panels are used for the appearance.