To respond the Montreal Convention, Duowei Union Group Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in the industry who has successfully researched and developed cyclopentane no-freon polyurethane environmental friendly foaming technology, which will also make the formed sheet more stable in dimension.

● Fluoride-free, highly environmentalfriendly, no influence on ozone sphere and greenhouse effect. Enhance foam strength, improve the mechanical property of sheets. Excellent heat insulation performance.Strengthen dimensional stability, improve the flatness of the panel surface and the quality of finished sheets is superior.


PUR Products

In terms of raw material proportioning and process output, Duowei PUR products employ the globally advanced six-component online automatic (SIMENS) mixing and pouring technology and have realized six-component continuous foaming for the first time in China. With the technology, mixing and proportioning process may be finished in an online way; the formula may be adjusted according to environmental changes; air feeding and mixing devices may be used to make raw material mixing more even and foam finer, thus producing high-strength,energy-saving and environment friendly building boards. 

PIR Products

Polyisocyanurate is called PIR for short. For the composite boards developed by Duowei, excessive isocyanurate is added and ring structure and higher isocyanurate index are employed in the compounds to form compact PIR products, thus ensuring greater stability and excellent heat and fire resistance for the internal rigid foams. Experiments show that the products can endure a temperature up to 200 in short time period or to 160 for long time.